My Latest Stories

When the Princess Speaks…

“Why do have to do what she wants to do?” “Because, in life, it’s always a good idea to pick your battles.” That’s how one of the conversations went today, just before we had an impromptu tea party with crowns and gloves and pearls. Yes, I was shooting portraits, and yes, I actually got some […]

Meet Michelle…a good book with a great cover!

Last March, Michelle wrote a letter to the Hannon Family Fund, applying for a scholarship for college. The qualifying criteria was that she lost a parent to traumatic illness, but went on to become everything her parent wanted her to be. Well, she certainly did that. Michelle is one of the reasons I volunteer to […]

No title is enough…

I write this with a heavy heart, because my friend is hurting. In fact, her whole family is hurting. But at the same time, they rejoice in the knowledge that they will see their beloved Woody again. I am amazed, and awed, and graced by this family. I love them dearly. I had heard Mr. […]

Science Adventures

You’d think Little was well trained to hang out with mom and let her shoot to her heart’s content. Not so much… I rarely get the time to just go out and shoot for fun. When I do, I like to take Little with me and teach him about the world around him. Today, I […]


It’s the watching…

that captures the best pictures. Yeah, sure, posed and planned portraits can be really engaging, but a subject’s beauty is in who they are when a camera is not aimed at them. The more organic, the better. Babies and kids especially, are their most beautiful when they are engaged in play, interacting with the people […]


The Perfect Spot

(All photos Copyright Lisa J. Shorts) My personal, most annoying frustration as a photographer is making the location work with what I imagine in my head. I choose a location and I see all the potential and then I run into lighting problems, or construction has sprung up in the background. Sometimes the location doesn’t […]


Julie and Jeff

The beauty of small weddings is in their intimacy. The guests are close, the faces are easily accessible and everyone can hear every word and every giggle. The pictures tend to reflect that. Julie and Jeff married on Valentine’s Day. The details were a rich, lovely red as they should be on the most romantic […]


Your Child…

A long time ago, I stopped looking at catalogs and magazines for their content. I study the photographs now, for lighting, for composition, for what makes them appealing. I found that people in natural environments appealed to me the most. I wondered why for a very long time as well. It finally came to me […]



I didn’t know I was a story-teller until I was in my 40s. It has become a much bigger part of my life recently, as a result of my involvement with the Driving Miss Darby Foundation. Darby is family and friend to me, but she is that and much more to hundreds of people. She […]


You say tomato…

According to the second definition of perspective is: 2 a : the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed <places the issues in proper perspective>; also : point of view b : the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance <urge you to maintain your perspective […]


Inaugural Post

(All images copyrighted Lisa J. Shorts, Photographer.) There are tribes whose members believe that when their photos are taken, their souls are taken as well. Perhaps I became a photographer, because I feel that images anchor us to moments. I started late, after years in the technology field. I started because my sister was pregnant […]